Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Her Quest

I wrote this poem by blacking out this newspaper article.
She embraced a chance to
explore passions,
maximize strengths.

She embraced
new friends,
And happiness.

She embraced
 her refuge,
a retreat into silence
with what she loves.

She embraced

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Sound of Footsteps Walking Away

 The war between Sam and Kelly was all-consuming destroying everything it came in contact with. Kelly  was insure what started the conflict.  She had made a delicious dinner. She dressed the table with her favorite vintage tablecloth, good china and silverware. She lit candles for ambiance.  Everything looked perfect, but yet, before they finished the meal the dining room would become a war zone.

Special dishes shattered against the wall like mortars. Gravy and candle wax stained the vintage tablecloth. Chairs knocked to the floor.  The meal flung on the floor. Kelly assesses the damages.  She then realized that as traumatized as she is by the sudden explosion of anger and hate that her sons, were even more scarred. Two more casualties in a war that she couldn’t explain. The boys fled the room at the first sign of engagement.

Kelly raced to her sanctuary, the sewing room.  She slammed the door and locked Sam and his assault out.  With her back against the door, she cowered, covering her ears. She slid herself to the floor, barricading herself even more in her favorite foxhole.

After some time, Kelly realized that quiet returned to the house, a temporary cease fire in place. Listening, she could hear heavy steps approaching the door.  It wasn’t the knock on the door she dreaded but the sound of the footsteps walking away. Peace will not be brokered here tonight.footsteps walking away.