Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hi, Jinks!

Katie is bored, bored, bored.  She has four older brothers; John, Jimmy, Dave, and Bob.  They are a bunch of big dummies that never let her play with them.  “It’s a boy thing. It’s not for you.  You can’t play, you’re a girl.” It is all she ever hears from them.  Her mom is no help either. “Katherine Maria O’Dell! Ladies do not lick the wallpaper.” “Katherine Maria O’Dell! A lady never leaves the house without looking her best.” Katherine Maria O’Dell! Ladies do not spit their food out under the table for the dogs to eat!” All Katie ever wanted was a little sister.  A little sister would want to play games with her.  All the cool games the boys won’t let her play with them, like Capture the Flag and Shoot ‘Em Up, or Ninjas at night. A little sister would listen to her stories. A little sister would share secrets and go on adventures.  A little sister would want to share clothes and dress alike.  A little sister would be amazing. Mama says one daughter is blessing enough. Katie disagrees.

Every night as soon as Mama leaves from tucking Katie into bed at night, Katie quickly sneaks to the window, looks out, and makes a wish on the Wishing Star. “Star light, Star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might, grant my wish on you tonight. Please, please, please send me a little sister tonight.” And then Katie scampers back to her bed. Katie makes the same wish every single night and every morning she’s disappointed; no new little sister to play with.  

After a particular challenging day for Katie, one in which Katie learned that ladies do not give their dogs beauty shop haircuts or draw life-sized portraits of her family on the freshly painted living room walls, Katie has been sent to her room immediately following dinner to “think about how to behave like a proper young lady” without a bedtime tuck in.  Katie kneels at her window to make her wish. 

“Star light, Star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might, grant my wish on you tonight. Please, please, please send me a little sister tonight.”

As Katie starts to turn away from the window she hears a whisper “I’m here.” Katie knew she was not alone. She has finally got her wish. Katie whirls around to see a blond-haired blue-eyed girl who looks just like Katie. “Hi, Jinks! You’re finally here! We are going to have so much fun together!” and Katie throws her arms around her brand new identical “little sister”.


The room holds its breath.
A bedside lamp glows softly against the dark, no one is home.
The bed is made in anticipation to a soul to embrace.
A beloved teddy bear sits in the center, longing for a hug.

With stiff smiles, keeping watch, loved ones stare from frames.
The alarm clock sounds an unending alarm; it relentlessly blinks.

The room holds its breath, waiting.